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Electric AVs In-Wheel Motor Design


Department of Energy


As the automated vehicle industry continues to grow, the development of practically sustainable electronic vehicles becomes more and more important. With over 280 million vehicles on the road today in the United States alone, there is a great potential to reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and reduce the number of incidents of vehicles on the road today. Intelligent and efficient electric vehicle technology has the potential to radically transform the future of transportation.


ASU researchers are partnering with Local Motors to improve the range, cost, control, and connectivity of the Olli electric shuttle via electric motors housed within the wheel itself. The partnership between ASU and Local Motors was initiated in July 2018. The goal of this project was to develop a Low-Level Powertrain Controller (LLPC), High-Level Decision Controller (HLDC), and an Intersection Manager (IM) to control the Olli shuttle bus and its in-wheel motors (IWMs). The main focus for each of these three areas was to increase energy efficiency.


The projected end date for the first phase of research is July 1, 2019. Results are pending.

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