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Tempe: 20-Minute City

Access and mobility
Sustainable transportation and urban futures

City of Tempe


The City of Tempe has declared a goal of making available daily needs, excluding commutes, reachable within 20 minutes of all its residents. ASU students (undergraduate and graduate) worked closely with faculty advisors and Tempe officials to analyze accessibility in the city by bicycle, foot, and transit. The city will use the analyses to support and improve the design of plans for climate, sustainability, and transportation. 


King, D.A., Lemar, S., Copeland, M., Courval, M., Ding, W., Fracisco, C., Sachdeva, M., Capasso da Silva, D, Tambe, A., Torain, S., Barboza, J., Topel, B. and Musgrave, A. 2019. City of Tempe 20-Minute City Analysis. Tempe, AZ: Spatial Analysis Research Center, ASU.

Report pending.

ASU Leads

David King

Associate Professor, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

Shea Lemar

Senior Project Manager, Spatial Analysis Research Center